Note: We will try our best to get you the closest selected weight becasue it is outside of our control. For e.g. if you choose 20lb goat or lamb, we might get a close weight goat or lamb which may be 19lb, 19.5lb 20lb, 20.5lb or 21lb. We will charge you for the exact gross weight of your animal.
Because we clean and custom-cut your meat products and perishable products, the final price of these items will be based on the same price per pound indicated, but the actual price is determined once we have weighed and prepared your order, and final amount charged will appear on the invoice you receive at the time of delivery. Meat products are weighed before cleaning and cutting the product. Customer pays the price of meat products before cleaning & cutting. Hence the actual weight you receive in delivery will be less than what you paid. Customer pays on the gross weight (before cleaning and cutting) of the product and receives a net weight (after cleaning and cutting) which will be less than gross weight.

Brand: FF4U
Code: 100764
2 727239_Ground Veal copy.png
7 2.25 No Fat Clean,Deep Clean (90% Fat Clean),Easy Clean (50% Fat Clean) Small No.1,Regular No.2,Medium No.3,Large No.4 1 lb pkt,2 lb pkt
$ 12.99/lb
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Brand: FF4U
Code: 100763
2 727238_Veal Shoulder copy.png
7 2.25 No Fat Clean,Deep Clean (90% Fat Clean),Easy Clean (50% Fat Clean) Regular Pcs (2 to 3 inch),Medium Pcs (Biryani Pcs - 3 to 4 inch),Large Pcs (6 to 8 inch),Extra Large Pcs (12 to 14 inch) 1 lb pkt,2 lb pkt
$ 5.99/lb
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