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 This Agreement is an agreement between you and Fresh Food 4 U ("") that states the terms and conditions under which you may use the Site and receive our service, which includes processing and delivery of orders. Your use of the Fresh Food 4 U Service and the Site constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions set forth below.

If you have any questions about this Agreement call our Customer Service team at 773-267-5800.

Satisfaction Guarantee: All of our products and services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we want to make it right. Just call us at 773-267-5800, contact us via e-mail at or log on and use our Customer Inquiry e-mail. You have up to seven days after delivery, or until the expiration date printed on the product -- whichever is earlier -- to return grocery or perishable products. We may require the return of the product with which you are dissatisfied before we substitute an acceptable item or issue a credit voucher. In case of exchange of goods, goods will be delivered at your delivery location on the next delivery schedule in your area. If customer did not want to exchange goods, 100% value of the returned goods will be refunded.

Our Service

Ordering through the Site: Orders must be received before posted cutoff times for a given delivery (please refer to our delivery schedule page). Available delivery windows and associated delivery charges and promotions will be shown as you proceed through the ordering process. You can modify an existing order (including the addition or deletion of items, a change in the time or delivery date, and the cancellation of your order) via the Web (in the "Your Account" section of the Site) up until the posted cutofftime for that delivery. To view delivery and cutoff times, visit the Delivery Info section of the site. Note that modified orders are subject to price changes and a change of a delivery date may not guarantee the availability of your desired items. You may cancel orders via the "Your Account" section of the Site or by contacting our Customer Service Department at 773-267-5800 during posted hours. Cancellation of orders after the required cutoff time will result in a restocking fee equal to the sum of (A) 100% of the total dollar amount of your perishable items (B) 25% of the total dollar amount of your nonperishable items.

Price and Availability: At Fresh Food 4 U we believe in offering our customers the best product at the best price. We strive to provide you with great prices compared to the competition near your delivery address. Although our goal is to fulfill 100% of each order, given the perishable nature of our products, from time to time products may be unavailable due to market conditions beyond our control or to quality that is below our standards. At times when we have an item that's very similar to the item you ordered, we may make a substitution. We will call you to confirm the substitute item. We will only send the substitute item, if you agree. If you're not happy with the replacement, please email us at If we are unable to fulfill your entire order we will make every reasonable effort to contact you prior to delivery. We reserve a right to change prices at any time with or without notice.

Meat Orders: Because we clean and custom-cut your meat products and perishables products, the item price you see in your shopping cart for items we price by the pound/ounce. The final price of these items will be based on the same price per pound/ounce indicated, but the actual price is determined once we have weighed and prepared your order, and final amount charged will appear on the invoice you receive at the time of delivery. Meat products are weighed before cleaning and cutting the product. Customer pays the price of meat products before cleaning& cutting. Hence the actual weight you receive in delivery will be less than what you paid. Customer pays on the gross weight (before cleaning and cutting) of the product and receives a net weight (after cleaning and cutting) which will be less than gross weight. For customers ordering whole goat, lamb or chicken, the whole animal will be weighed and charged. If customer do not need some parts of the animal like (head, kidney, feet, brain, etc.) customer still will be charged for those parts also according to market trend. Whole animal is weighed and customer is charged for the whole animal. It is the choice of the customer whether to get all parts of the animals or to avoid some parts. Customers ordering half goat or half lamb will receive either a kidney or head with your order. When the whole animal is cut in to two pieces the first customer ordering half animal gets the kidney and second customer ordering half animal receives the head.

Vegetable Orders: For customers ordering fresh vegetables, per pound price is shown in the window. The actual price charged will depend on the weight of the vegetables. For example, per pound tomatoes is $1.00. Customer ordered 2lb of tomatoes. The customer will receive either 2.10lb or 2.2lb of tomatoes depending on the weight of tomatoes and the actual weight will be charged. Customer will receive the actual weight of the vegetables.

Delivery of Products: Fresh Food 4 U uses refrigerated trucks with freezer compartments to maintain the quality and integrity of your products. To maintain the integrity of products after delivery, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate or freeze perishable items. Frozen items must immediately be placed in a freezer and cooler items must immediately be placed in a cooler. We will not be responsible for items spoiled due to inappropriate storage after delivery.

To receive delivery, you must live in a residential apartment or home and you or your doorman must be present to receive your order from our driver during your selected delivery window. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the delivery is conclusively presumed to be authorized to receive the delivery. If you, your doorman, and your alternate receiver are not present during your selected delivery window, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to contact you. In such case, if we are unable to redeliver the order to you for any reason, the order will be canceled with a cancellation fee of $3.99.

Fresh Food 4 U delivers case sizes of a variety of different goods, including laundry detergent, rice, flours,oil, beverages, etc. Given the heavy weight of some of these products, and our concern for the health of our drivers, we will deliver your goods at the main door of your house or building. Also in the interest of safety, we do not deliver to walk-ups (a building without an elevator). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. In an effort to meet the committed delivery time for all of our customers, please inspect the items as fast as possible before the drive leaves. Your order will arrive with an invoice that will list all of the items you have received and were billed for and copy will be emailed to the email id provided. If something is missing from your order, please call our Customer Service department at 773-267-5800 or log on and contact us via our Customer Inquiry e-mail form.

In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen delivery complications, it may be necessary to make adjustments to our delivery schedule, which will cause us to suspend chosen delivery dates and times. If there will be a significant delay, a customer service representative may call or e-mail you to let you know the status of your delivery time. We will deliver your order as quickly as possible when the conditions permit. If your designated delivery location (i.e., street, avenue) or day is inaccessible, rendering us unable to make the delivery, we will contact you to determine the best alternate location and/or date. Fresh Food 4 U delivery personnel are allowed to accept tips. Customers are under no obligation to tip Drivers but have the option of doing so if exceptional service is provided.

For a free delivery, orders should be up to $75.00 or more. $9.99 delivery charge will be charged to all orders below $75.00

Please note: we reserve the right to limit your order or the quantity of a particular product that you may order.

Payment: Your credit/debit card/ Food Stamps will be charged for your order on the day your order is dispatched for delivery. Since certain perishables are priced by weight and the actual price is not known until we have prepared and weighed your order. Your order will arrive with and invoice that will list all of the items you have received and were billed for and copy will be emailed to the email id provided. Fresh Food 4 U will not process orders that attempt to use an incorrect, expired, or over-the-limit credit card. We will make our best efforts to contact you if this occurs. We accept personal checks. If you would like to pay by check, please give a check to the driver at the time of delivery. We will charge a fee of $35.00 in case of return checks. You are responsible for, and agree to pay promptly, all charges to your account, including applicable taxes and purchases.

User ID and Password: Access to the Fresh Food 4 U Service is accomplished through the use of a user name and a password that you choose upon registration. You are solely responsible for any authorized or unauthorized access to your account by any person. You agree to bear all responsibility for the confidentiality of your password and all use or charges incurred. You agree to notify Fresh Food 4 U promptly of any unauthorized use of your password and you will remain liable for any use of the Fresh Food 4 U Service until you notify us.Please keep all your account information current, including address, payment information, telephone number, e-mail address, and alternate receiver for your order. You can update your information in the Your Account area on our Web site or contact our Customer Service department. Please do not send credit card or other payment information via email. You agree that you will not provide fraudulent information and that you are solely responsible for any information you provide to Fresh Food 4 U. You will comply with all laws applicable to your activities on the Site and with this Agreement. Fresh Food 4 U secure server encrypts your payment information so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Once we receive your payment information, it is stored in our secure data center. Fresh Food 4 U will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your payment information remains confidential, and is available only to personnel who have a need to know such information in connection with providing you the Service.

Pictures: We try our best to keep most udpated pictures of items on the website. As manufacturers keeps on changing look of the packaging time to time, our customer will get the same products with same weight and quality, if new pictures are not updated on the web site. Weight and quality of the products will remain same, only the packaging will change. We apologize for inconvenience.


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